Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Amazing Lace team is hit with insomnia and disaster strikes!!!!!!
Well not a good night (nor morning) to report on.
I was having a good relationship with Flirty until insomnia hit last night and I thought well just push thru a row and then you can sleep. Not the best plan of action for Team Kifknits.
See the damage below

Ok , so there are 4 holes here

And 3 holes on this side

So I have either added a yo or forgot a yo and who knows what I did in between - back to the lifeline we go. Reminder - NO MORE KNITTING LACE WHEN YOU CAN'T SLEEP!!!!

Went to Wednesday night knit group tonight, the air conditioning was broke so it was time to go home. But I did cast on for the second clog. And luckily too hot to do any browsing or shopping.

Will be going to machine knitting group tomorrow night, finally going to learn how to use my lace carriage on my Studio 700! I am excited as learning how to use my machines better is one of my goals for Summer of Stash.

Knit On or Frog Back! (depending on how YOUR day was)

Monday, May 29, 2006

Another busy day - Don't you love not having to go to work?

Today is post my UFO's day

1. Wrap - This hank of loopy mohair was purchased from The Wool Gathering last September. I am using the pattern from for the Baby Loop Reversible Wrap in a Rice Stitch pattern. Currently this is my no-brainer knitting for baseball games and concerts. I bought it to go with a black velvet coat I have, but it didn't dawn on me until I started knitting it that this is the perfect OSU (Go Buckeyes!) coverup.

2. Baby Dress - isn't this the cutest dress? I am using size 2 needles and some old lilac Brunswick Delf Baby.

3. Clogs - This is my Wednesday night knitting group project. Fiber Trends pattern AC-33x using Kraemer Yarns Mauch Chunky. I figure with this bright of colors I won't lose my slippers!

4. EZ Baby Surprise Sweater - All I have to do is sew up the shoulder seams and find some great buttons. This used some old Red Heart Jeweltones. I think it is so Girly-Girl!

5. Flirty Ruffles - up to row 39. This is my first time following a chart and it is going well. I am using Post It index tabs to keep track of my place. They are see thru so I can see my previous rows.

In honor of it being Memorial Day I will leave you with this picture of the Hanoi Taxi making its final flight to the field at the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Please take a few moments today to remember all of those who have fought and fallen for our freedoms that we all take for granted.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

We have more pictures today.

I have signed up for the Amazing Lace knitalong and want to introduce my team.
My team will consist of the Flirty Ruffles shawl pattern from Fiddlesticks Knitting and a 2500 yd skein of Spider's Web solid from Joslyn's Fiber Farm. It was purchased from Ebay along with the kits for Peacock Feathers, Summer in Kansas and Concert in the Park. This team was chosen due to the fact that every woman needs a good black shawl. It took 24 minutes to wind the skein and the ball winder was practically smoking when done.

I have been busy with my swift and winder this weekend and I had help from the curious pest known as Peanut.

All and all I did get a lot done:

Lace pure wool (100 gr/850 yds) from Handpainted Lace.
I am a little disappointed.
This is their Butter colorway. Very pretty variegated yellow, but one skein was one whole ounce lighter than the other!

This is their Thistle colorway. Both balls the same size but one is variegated and the other is solid blue!

The last two skeins of the Oceanos colorway turned out much better (see the center of the group photo above.) I am now thinking of using all 4 blue skeins in a Pi Shawl starting with the variegated Thistle moving to the solid Thistle and ending with the Oceanos. Plans for the Butter colorway are undecided.

Even more loveliness courtesy of Fleece Artist and a limited edition yarn called Angel Curls (baby loop mohair/wool/nylon - 250 g/2200 m) Clockwise from the top : Jester, Hercules, Wildflowers

Well enough blogging for today, Knit On!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hello Everyone
This blog is to document my successes and failures working with yarn.
Here are my two latest successes:

This hat and booties were crocheted for a guy in the shipping department at work - How come there are always showers for the girls when they have babies but none for the guys?

This afghan was also crocheted from directions off of a Red Heart tearoff - Prairie Star Afghan. This also went to a guy at work who won it during our Christmas party at work. Funny, I didn't finish it until the beginning of May (I should mention I am ADD and have completion issues.) But it did turn out gorgeous.